Last night already – Al Seef shopping & dining

My business trip comes to an end already and I didn’t want to miss the chance to go and explore this magic city, again. Tonight, I’ve ubered to Al Seef Shopping Center, a brand new venue that, like La Mer, is bordered by water and pairs the Oriental flair of 1,001 nights a Mediterranean touch. Situated on the Southern rim of Dubai Creek, you can literally indulge in the Souk flair of an oriental market. It was just beautiful to window-shop top-notch international brands and pass today’s luxurious yachts on the one hand, and then entering the old quarter with heritage, traditional architecture and the old-fashioned wooden boats (vor Anker).

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to drop by when you’re in Dubai. Also, take the chance to show off to all of your friendsby sending them pictures or directly posting them, there’s free wi-fi all over the place.

//Shopping Center: Al Seef Dubai


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