About Julia

Julia is a world traveler, photography lover and smartphone addict. Before Covid, thanks to her work in management consulting, she had the opportunity to explore different countries, go away for the weekend and meet many different people with different backgrounds. In her free time, she loves to travel, discover new cultures, and have adventures. Just anything that is not mundane makes her happy. She started this blog to share her passion.

If you read some italic comments, you know that her husband Daniel writes and accompanies her whenever they have the opportunity to travel together. So it’s not only about Julia.

ice skating at Miami Beach EDITION, Florida, USA

I love my family, travel, photography and good design.

“J WAS HERE is becoming J STAYS HERE on the inside. I’m nowhere near as much on the road as I used to be.”

Post-Covid travel is a different one.

“Because: For my husband and me as a couple, the lockdown was a time when we started and grew our family. We really got to know each other and realized what was really important in life.”

As traveling has become possible again, she has to adjust a bit, since she has a family now. Life goes on and so do the stories on this blog!

Family Life

“Is it just me…?” No, obviously, we as parents all share the fun and laughter while we all struggle with our new roles every once in a while.

Building a Home

Stay updated and read about Julia’s and Daniel’s very special adventure of building a house in Germany.

On the Road

Get to know far away places and get inspired for your very own travels.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are her own and do not represent the views of her employer.