Business travel to Dubai: Hand luggage at Emirates, border control fast track in DXB

writing on EK060, from HAM to DXB

Although my company says I’m going to a high-risk country, I have been feeling pretty safe, even when I took a taxi (as a single traveling woman) in the middle of the night, because I was arriving on an international flight. Travelling with hand luggage and a chance to skip the line at border control make it a smooth trip.

The connection from Hamburg is pretty straight forward, six hours and, traveling with hand luggage only on this short trip makes it a matter of half an hour to leave the airport.

Border control fast track at DXB: As an Emirates elite member you would get fast track passes to the border control, and off I went.

– as of June 2018

Although in HAM they were really strict about my hand luggage (usually I take a hand bag with my laptop and a carry-on with clothes and everything else, Lufthansa never has a problem with that!) and I had to check the carry-on in at the gate, it was one of the first ones to arrive at the belt.

So if you want to save time, don’t worry about the hand luggage restrictions and take whatever is within your weight limit (and small enough) to the gate.

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