A sunset on the beach at La Mer, Dubai

While I wasn’t aware that even in taxis drinking is not considered polite and you could even get arrested if anybody pointed at you and telling the police, the full extend of Ramadan hit me as soon as I went out to spend my evening. My colleagues have referred La Mer, a beautifully situated shopping center by the beach, to me.

It was beautiful to see the sunset on the beach and stretch my legs out into the sand, the warmth of 39 degrees Celsius still embracing me, even in the evening.

Though I have to admit, it was very strange to be one of the few visitors who dares to show up. Consisting of maybe two thirds of restaurants, La Mer Shopping Center must have a really hard time during Ramadan. It would have been no problem – at literally every single restaurant – to get seats for a party of 30 or 40 people. If you are the only soul to enter one of the fancy restaurants, you’re automatically watched. Again. And I don’t like being watched. So I chose to have a nice dessert at an Asian place (I can recommend the mochi at Motomachi, sushi and the rest of the food looked really good, too) and afterwards wander around to take the pictures you see below. Enjoy your time there when it’s not Ramadan, you’ll love it!

// Japanese dinner: Motomachi Restaurant

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