Last day in New Jersey

Day 6 – around Lake Mohawk, NJ

We wanted the last full day to be a relaxing day, before we are getting on four different planes to fly to Galápagos, via Houston, Texas, and Quito, Ecuador’s capital.

The closeby Lake Mohawk offers a cute boardwalk and some lunch/ dinner options. After a relaxing morning that included a manicure for my friend and me, Daniel and I went to a cute little café for lunch. Also, we were recommended to go to the Alpine Creamery for dessert (huge ice cones!). I remember having one scoop two years ago and it was triple the size of a regular one. This time we didn’t go because the café we ate paninis at was just so good that we were already stuffed. Both places are hugely recommended!

In the evening we are lucky to get a sneak-peak to Sammy’s play. The daughter of my friend is playing the role of Arielle in their 8th grade performance of The Little Mermaid and this is one of the first times they get to wear their costumes. I was stunned by all of their singers and loved how much effort each and everyone puts in it. You can really see their passion glowing in everyone when you see the cast on stage, even though this is not the actual performance in front of the audience. I have not seen anything comparable in Germany, let alone the teachers (there were many, many of them), wearing fishy costumes and helping their pupils rehearse, a couple of nights in a row, from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm. I haven’t come across a whole bunch of teachers who were that engaged in my whole school career… Hope the play goes well!

// ice cream for every weather: Alpine Creamery

// lovely service, great paninis: Lake House Café

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