Bye bye, Mumbai!

06:00 pm

The ship departs punctually and a glowing red sun bids us farewell from Mumbai, the city of the beautiful bay. The name “Bom Bahía” was once given to Mumbai by the Portuguese sailors, and with the reign of the English it eventually became Bombay, we are told. Since the beginning of the 1990s, however, the city has again borne its original name, the meaning of which I do not have at hand.

“Queen’s Necklace”, Marine Drive, Mumbai, India

In fact, during one of our excursions, we drive along Marine Drive, a crescent moon shaped bay also called “Queen’s Necklace” – because of the evening lights that line the shore like a string of pearls. There we also find a wide sandy beach – but you certainly wouldn’t want to swim in this soup of sea!

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