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    Mein Schiff vs. AIDA – a comparison which cruise ship to choose

    Mein Schiff vs. AIDA Cruises With 13 hours of sardine can, also known as Lufthansa Economy Class, I have enough time to review the last two weeks and to think about the two German-speaking cruise operators. Audience on Mein Schiff vs. AIDA On AIDA, the average guest is definitely younger! That may be due to…

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    Sunrise in the desert near Abu Dhabi

    05:00 o’clock “The early bird gets the worm” is the motto of today, as the alarm clock mercilessly rings at 04:25. Already departure? No, we have booked a safari into the desert. Abu Dhabi: Jeep Safari with sunrise in the desert, Bakadi Dreams, 60 dollars per person At the exit of the terminal we are…

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    Face Check in Abu Dhabi, VAE

    20:35 Almost on time, we disembark for the last face check of this trip. The authorities in Abu Dhabi want to see our passports in person, just like their Indian colleagues. The procedure is much simpler than before entering India: We leave the ship, walk a few steps to the terminal, past AIDAstella, which is…

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    Snorkeling in Oman

    12:00 Our snorkeling excursion, today we are again officially on the road with AIDA, set off punctually at 09:00 to the first beach. With 38 people, all of whom picked up their equipment (snorkels, goggles and fins) the night before at the Diving Station on deck 3, we start in good spirits in the coach…

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    shore leave in Muscat, Oman

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    Bye Bye, India

    5:30 pm We say goodbye with another beautiful sunset from India. A country in which I was definitely not for the last time, but of which I have enough for this kind of trip for now. Everywhere we met open, friendly and helpful people who told us unreservedly about their culture, habits and life and…

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    Biking in Goa, Indien

    09:00 am Punctual as the Germans are, all 50 participants of the bike tour gather on the pier in front of the ship. There the bikes are distributed and all participants are divided into groups to the three guides Julian, Maren and Ray. Backpacks and helmets were already given out to us as a loan…

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    Ullal Beach – cruise stopover in India

    So we make our way to the beach, where we arrive at about 11 o’clock. Since the house of our cab driver is probably not far away, we agree with him that instead of waiting, he will pick us up again in two hours. At the point where he dropped us off, there are three…

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    Pilikula Nisargadhama

    We find ourselves already at half past nine in an almost deserted park, which costs per head 100 rupees entrance fee. A very well maintained park is probably currently young families and couples in love as an excursion destination, but overall not much is going on here. We walk once around the lake in the…

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    Land corridor in New Mangalore

    09:00 am: We start our self-organized excursion Since we have not booked an excursion with AIDA, but once again want to start on our own discovery tour, we leave the ship with the previously researched info not to be impressed by cab and tuktuk drivers in the port itself, but to leave the port first.…