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    On the road off India

    09:30 am We are back on the high seas and with a course of SSO we are heading for New Mangalore at a leisurely 11 knots (20 km/h). With a distance of 22 nautical miles to the coast, but a visibility of only 6-7 nm, India cannot be seen on the horizon at the moment.…

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    Bye bye, Mumbai!

    06:00 pm The ship departs punctually and a glowing red sun bids us farewell from Mumbai, the city of the beautiful bay. The name “Bom Bahía” was once given to Mumbai by the Portuguese sailors, and with the reign of the English it eventually became Bombay, we are told. Since the beginning of the 1990s,…

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    ID Check on the Indian Ocean: Preparation before landing in Mumbai

    10:30, somewhere in the Indian Ocean Today, the face check is the only item on the agenda. This means that all passengers who make shore excursions in India and have obtained a multiple entry visa for 65 euros before the trip, must go through another identity check. AIDA has already filled out the necessary forms…