Motorbiking heaven on the High Alpine Road – Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße mit dem Motorrad

2.509 m.a.s.l. – 2.509 m ü.M.

[comments in Italic by Daniel, as always] – We rode from Passeier valley to the top, all the way up the Italian winding pass road. The Austrians collect tolls, so we turned around and went down again the way we came. That was planned as we did the Timmelsjoch tour as part of a longer day tour and we wanted to return to Lagundo before sunset. Of course there are some viewpoints like the scenic one of raw concrete in the picture that you will miss on the Austrian side, but there are at least two on the Italian side where you can stop and enjoy the view. And if you like to drive a lot of – I mean a lot of – turns, this tour is very good for practicing. In addition, there are many other tours around Bozen to experience some nice roads and turns.

Should you be into hiking, the Timmelsjoch pass itself seems to be an excursion site as the entire area offers a great variety of signposted walking paths and hiking trails amid the Ötztal Alps.

Even if you’re just on your way through, it is a great alternative to the endless tunnels which prevent you from such great, panoramic views.

Enjoy the ride!


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