Lazy beach life

Hoi An

After a little bit of shopping (authentic Gucci toe socks to wear with flip flops) we checked out and called a taxi to get us to the beach resort we booked yesterday.

The weather is perfect, the beach sandy and waves are perfect. Not many people dare to swim so we indulge in the refreshing water and enjoy the loneliness for the coming days before we’re on the road again on the 20th. I can really recommend a couple of days of rest during a round trip like ours, just to relax and do nothing at all. For me it is the perfect mixture of experiencing something new every day and calming down. If you have planned three weeks of a tour you can easily fit in three days of relaxation like we do now.

Two days ago we already realized it’s off-season, but literally every restaurant up and down the road (and there are many of it) was deserted when we looked for a place to dine. Hard choice when you normally judge a place by how crowded it is… Nonetheless, the food was fresh and you could even pick the lobsters or fish from the live selection they offer. So we ignore the fact we’re the only guests and enjoy the food.

// dinner by the beach: Hon Restaurant


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