A beginner’s guide to Ramadan in UAE

Tonight, I’m l literally the only person in the rooftop pool area right now and the Arabian version of David Hasselhoff is doing his lifeguard duty without any complaint, although he is more into the local newspaper on his lounger…

It’s better this way, I already feel watched when I enter a store and I am the lost soul there, as well.

On my first day working here in Dubai, I really had to struggle, not having my usual cup of tea by my side or simply be able to get a glass of water in the pantry and carry it to my seat. We had to go into hiding just to fuel up. While I have the most of respect for the people who are continuously challenging themselves to fast, be it for religious or other reasons, it was strange to witness everyone being very cautious; for me as a European, having been brought up in a Western country. All of the restaurants and public places that are usually crowded with people, enjoying a good meal, had their outside seating areas closed and the inside shielded from craving looks. There’s even guidelines on how to cover up a dine-in area.

So when I arrived at the office I was really glad that it is conveniently situated adjacent a shopping center. Alas, we spend the first couple of hours in a little French café, doing the onboarding for my role this week, while enjoying a good cup of tea behind closed curtains and without guilt.

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