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Construction diary #02: Clearing – The firs come away!

The Christmas season was still waiting, because the previous owners have always helped themselves to the fir greenery. But now the heavy machinery and the chipper are moving in. That’s how fast it goes: Within a day, where there was only jungle before, there was now a plot of land almost leveled to the ground and for us the “true” size of our land was revealed for the first time. Madness!

Mind the tree cutting period!

There are only two small things to note here: Firewood and tree cutting period: Due to bird nesting, major clearing work such as tree cutting, for one, may only happen between October and March. This should be taken into account when starting construction and planning. Fortunately, we were able to do this without any problems and without having to apply for a permit, since all of the trees were conifers. If you want to cut down a 10-meter oak tree, you will have to submit an application and first obtain official permission, depending on the federal state. In the worst case, you will need a tree surveyor, who will cost you even more money. In some regions, the trunk diameter / circumference is used for this, you may be charged with compensatory plantings, etc. You can usually get detailed information either from the responsible building authority, the environmental authority or similar.

It’s also worthwhile to obtain several offers from local companies and to compare prices, as already mentioned in this article.

Small anecdote: During the soil test, our front neighbors were still a little worried that the lawn would be damaged because the vehicle runs on chains. After the clearing action, they would now no longer have to worry about “minor bruises” to the lawn. 😀

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