Planning, (incidental) building costs and floor plan

During the Viebrock consultation before the start of construction, i.e. from the first contact with Mr. O. about 2 years before the start of construction to the completion of the building application, we were very happy with the support. At the beginning we did not have a plot of land, so Mr. O. accompanied us through many drafts and thought experiments, e.g. also in between, when we examined the variant for us to build a semi-detached house on a large plot of land and to rent out the other part of the house. For this, Mr. O. planned completely from scratch

Continuous support from one contact person

As the sole contact person in this first phase, we went through floor plans and our change requests with him – always with angel patience, a sympathetic manner and good tips. Also important: He was always easy to reach, called back in case of doubt and if we needed documents like the latest floor plan as a pdf, we were always taken care of immediately

Viebrock service appointment

The only thing that didn’t work out at some point (through no fault of Mr. O.) was the so-called service appointment. This is the final appointment at Viebrock, where we can discuss the very last changes to the floor plan before it is fixed for the building application: Point of no return, so to speak. We stood in front of closed office doors – Mr. O. included, and had to go to the nearby bakery until someone came and had the bowl. It was no big deal, we took it with humor and the bill at the bakery was also on Viebrock. This had delayed the appointment a little bit and we still needed a connection, but we did not have to be there and could plan over teams to the end.

Resignation possible until the end

Important to know: Until the signing and even long after, Viebrock is not sure if they will ever see money from us. On the one hand, because the initial planning is completely free of charge (and a few more working hours and even days go into that). On the other hand, the contract stipulates that we still have the option of backing out without a plot. Only at the service date is it finally certain that coal will flow.

Decision in favor of Viebrock because of the consultant

Looking back, we can say that the support provided by Mr. O. played a decisive role in our ultimately choosing Viebrock. Other “consultants” at other companies should take a leaf out of their book (e.g. Massa-Haus, whose consultant explained to us right away in the first meeting what he personally thought of certain floor plan changes, did not go into any further detail about our wishes and the entire meeting was therefore much shorter than the initial meeting with other suppliers).

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