What to do in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos

If you are wondering – what else is there on Santa Cruz, apart from an offshore airport (Baltra Island), a neat place to stay and a hub for your numerous trips to other islands?

Let me answer this in a nutshell:

Great wildlife – the tortoise walk at Puerto Ayora, at no cost, or one of the ranches (we can recommend Rancho Primicias)

Lovely South American little city life – numerous bars and restaurants invite you to stay. You probably can’t totally avoid the super touristy areas, but dare to eat in one of the more “local”-looking restaurants (seafood!). During the day, try a batido de mora (it’s a milkshake/ smoothie with fresh fruit). Also, don’t miss out the cocktail 2 for 1 offer. Ecuadorians really know what a good cocktail is (unlike some other countries we visited)!

Nature, nature, nature – giant cactuses with stems turned into tree-like wood, the lava tunnels with paths so narrow that you can only crawl through (one of it close to Rancho Primicias), or Los Gemelos, the two craters you will or have passed on your way from the airport to Puerto Ayora at the top of the hill. It’s funny how the weather changes and when we were there, it actually rained. Refreshing change (you don’t really need to bring rain gear, though). Las Grietas

Below you’ll find some impressions of Puerto Ayora, the main town on the island, down at the Southern coast of this Galápagos island.

// 2 for 1 cocktails (good, we’ve tried): The Rock on Ave Charles Darwin

// good eats: La Garrapata, also on Ave Charles Darwin

// local market, pop-up style (open for breakfast and dinner, try the empanadas for USD 1 each, you can’t get better value for money anywhere!): In front of the hotel Brisas del Pacífico

// going for a swim? Las Grietas past the Playa de los Alemanes (no chance to solely walk there, you need to take a quick boat ride towards the hotel Angermeyer Point, just ask the locals for Las Grietas)


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