Visiting the Vatican – impressions of wonderful St. Peter’s Basilica

visiting the Vatican, sightseeing in Rome, Italy, Europe

Visiting the Vatican is special. The state is an enclave in Rome, so one of the tiniest states in the world and the Christian capital of the world. To be honest I am not that interested in religion but in history. Vatican is an amazing place full of historic testimonia and we had a great time exploring it. Paintings many times as tall as myself, covering whole walls and ceilings, marble statues, and many other historic art pieces. It was truly amazing to see all that knowing I stand in front of hundreds of years of history, still alive. It feels unreal to imagine that people stood on the same spots I have walked around today already about 500 years ago.

Visiting the Vatican: Cover naked arms and legs

Even though I wore a long dress I had to bring a jacket to cover my naked arms to be allowed to enter St. Peter’s Basilica.

In fact we had great weather when we went inside but this is also a great idea should it be raining… which I don’t think happens very often because I have this romantic picture in my head still – there is always great weather in Southern European countries. 🙂

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