Spontaneous ski trip to Zurich, Switzerland

woman in front of a ski hut in Oberiberg ski region close to Zurich, Switzerland

EW7763 from ZRH to HAM

As Daniels plans for the weekend wouldn’t involve me, I thought – why stay at home? So I texted my friend who recently moved to Zurich and luckily he didn’t have any plans. So on Friday, I was on the plane to Zurich with my skiing outfit in my luggage.

Plans involved to do some basic sightseeing on Saturday (I believe I’ve never been to the biggest city in Switzerland before except for when I was a baby, possibly) and to go to Oberiberg on Sunday. 

Oberiberg ski region, amongst some others, is fairly good to reach from Zurich, even with public transport – it’s not a myth that literally every bus and train are on time, so even with the need to change twice (train-train-bus) and only a couple of minutes between arrival and departure we were not in a rush to catch our next train.

It took us about two hours to „Unteriberg Talstation“, so we left the house at 07:00 am in the morning. Just look up your route at the SBB website (see link at the bottom). When we arrived at the foot of the mountain, the only thing you need to purchase in the valley was the ski pass. Just follow the crowd, it’s easy to find. A lift will bring you atop.

The ski equipment rental (both of us needed skies and shoes) is located at the mountain top. Quite unusual, but unless you wanted to ski down the black track to the valley you were better off with this.

We were really lucky to have picked the Sunday. As you can tell from the picture, the weather was fantastic and the skiing slopes were prepared well. Although it was only my fourth day on skies in my life, I got to try out a special „off-road“ track and even the red tracks. Awesome Sunday, although I didn’t leave Switzerland with a couple of bruises on my legs…

// public transport in Switzerland: Schweizer Bundesbahn – be sure to download the app, it’s really handy

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