Postal addresses in Peru

Day 18

After our official activities ended yesterday, we were invited back home to our guide’s pueblo. We sat with his family and met his wife, his sister and his mother. His daughter of four years gave us the cutest hug ever when she was told to greet the guests.

When we were trying to find out what computer he owns he had offered to take him back to his house because his sister would know better than him. Over the course of the past days he explained to us that he wants to learn English better (I usually translate from Spanish to German for Daniel these days) and he teaches himself only by books. So we thought instead of tipping him at the end of our stay here, we would send him an offline English course by mail.

When finally his sister told us what type of computer he owns the next, and far more difficult thing was to find an address to ship it to. She will let us know today because she needs to ask the post office for the ZIP code first…

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