Cannon Hall Farm – pigs & playground perfect for a family day out

family day out at Cannon Hall Farm, Yorkshire, UK, Europe

Today we went to a farm, known from the English TV, with lots of outdoor activities such as a sheep race or ferret race and a great playground for all ages (including climbing course, which is also challenging for adults).
At the right time of the year, like now in spring, we were able to marvel at all kinds of baby animals. From piglets to lambs and baby goats even to mini llamas, everything was there. Feeding was also allowed, there was suitable food to buy for a Pound. You can currently only book your tickets online id advance for a certain admission time because of capacity control.

Taking a walk around the farm and the manor

Surrounding the farm you can take a wonderful walk, the old manor house stands in the middle of a very well-kept park with huge rhododendrons. There is also an adventure trail for children, including dragons and scary monsters.
Those who stay longer hours should take the parking lot below the manor house, it’s only 2 Pounds for the whole day. A short purchase in the farm store with a stay of up to one hour, however, is also free at Cannon Hall car park.

So we, as German tourists, are quite a bit ahead of my son’s godmother. She knows the TV series, but we know the actual farm, although her parents’ house is only fifteen minutes away and she grew up in this beautiful spot.

In fact, some of the roads here in Yorkshire look very enchanted, especially when you follow narrow paths uphill and downhill through the wonderful green forests.The roads right and left are lined with the characteristic English walls, with stones only loosely stacked on top of each other. They have lasted so long that the moss has spread everywhere, one can hardly believe it.

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