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    About traveling with children: Day trips and travel essentials

    Many things on the following list only come to mind when you write them down, as I did. It’s quite a lot that comes together when you’re traveling with children -be it babies or toddlers – which for us means 9 and 28 months respectively. At almost one or two years old, the little ones…

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    Chatsworth House

    Ich bin großer Downton Abbey Fan (im realen Leben bekannt als Highclere Castle), aber dieses „House“ toppt es noch mal. Zwar war ich vor zwanzig Jahren schon einmal hier, allerdings sieht man die Welt durch Kinderaugen doch etwas anders. Neben dem Fakt, dass der echte Duke, also ein Herzog, einfach an uns vorbei“geschlufft“ ist, als…

  • Cannon Hall Farm – pigs & playground perfect for a family day out

    Cannon Hall Farm – pigs & playground perfect for a family day out

    Our trip to a farm, known from the English TV, with lots of outdoor activities such as a sheep race or ferret race and a great playground for all ages.

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    Our roadtrip begins: Taking the ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle

    Hamburg – Ijmuiden (Amsterdam): 503 km | Ferry from Ijmuiden – Newcastle: 17:30-09:15 (+1 day) The resolution to leave at a certain time is usually not kept with small children. Even if you have packed the car almost completely the night before and only have to “throw in” the things you can’t do without during…

  • Waxy in da House

    EW7464 from HAM to LHR After a successful meeting, which was the purpose of my side trip to London, I was able to continue the acquaintance with my colleagues from the UK. It always helps to strengthen the cooperation when you get the chance to meet someone in person, I think. The whole office meets…