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A long layover in Quito, Ecuador

Day 7 – UA1035 from IAH to UIO & waiting for AV1620 – from UIO to GYE

As you can tell I have had a lot of time in the past 24 hours to get together some blog posts about our recent trip to Washington, to edit all photos I took so far and to write this article.

We had a lengthy connection, leaving from Newark, New Jersey (EWR), at 12:30 pm yesterday, to Houston, Texas (IAH), and from there, to Quito, Ecuador (UIO). Thanks to some maintenance going on (“Houston, we have a problem”) we left Texas later than planned and arrived in Quito past midnight. Immigration to Ecuador was fast and easy and with a German passport you are allowed into the country without any visa.

We then found out that our next flight was delayed by almost an hour, too, so we had about four hours left to kill in the middle of the night.

Should you end up in the same position, go to the building opposite the arrivals hall (same level, just across the street). There is a lounge which cost us USD 36 each (unless you are in the possession of a Priority Pass which comes in handy in both Ecuador and Peru, so it seems), but it was definitely worth it! They had very comfortable, almost-flat lie-down chairs, offer blankets, the light is as dimmed as can be and with my noise-canceling headphones I wasn’t even able to hear that one damn person snoring, keeping everybody from sleeping but me. 🙂

They even have a shower and everything looked clean. Don’t expect too much, food-wise. Our only goal was to get some highly needed hours of sleep until we had to check in for the following flights that would finally take us to the island.

// the ultimate, noise-canceling headphones: Bose QuietComfort 25 (wired)/ Bose QuietComfort 35 (wireless)

// arrivals lounge in Quito: Sala VIP “Layover Stay”

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