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Christmas memorabilia – an eclectic, international ornament collection

sightseeing on a short trip to London, UK

writing on ICE 845 from DUS to Bochum

When we visited London in late November it was already Christmas-sy and wonderfully decorated. Holiday spirits were all around and especially on Oxford Street, a major shopping area in London’s city center, it all looked festive. The picture shows the famous Christmas decorations at the Carnaby Street Carnival. This year’s motto seems to be tropical 🙂

Decorating our Christmas tree in a couple of days it will remind me of all the great trips I was lucky to take in the past years. Since Christmas is always a time to calm down, relax and look back at what happened over the course of the year, it has become quite a tradition for me to collect memorabilia from all over the world.

It all started with some gifts I brought from my studies abroad and gave to my parents and grand-parents as a gift. I was in Peru for six months at that time and came back just before Christmas. As my luggage was heavily overweight already I could only bring small items – such as Peruvian-style Christmas ornaments. Everyone found it funny but today my grandparents and parents still put it up on the tree, even if it does not fit to anything else. Because they have kept doing it, I continued to bring some iconic pieces like a mini cable car from my visit in San Francisco or a Royal soldier from Copenhagen, Denmark. Sometimes for my grannies, sometimes for mum and dad, sometimes just for myself. So the collection grew and now it’s become a hobby to look for Christmas stuff in the midst of summer or when it’s 90 degrees (or 30 Celsius if you wish) outside.

Last year, for the first time, even my mum started it and brought a souvenir from their cruise to Barbados! I can’t wait to also decorate our tree with their memories and let us be reminded of how lucky we are to be able to make all these lovely memories.

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