Winterly Vienna: A short glimpse on a beautiful city

winterly Vienna, Vienna, Austria, Europe

EW7752 from HAM to VIE

I am a little lazy these days when it comes to writing. Maybe it’s the end-of-the-year blues that kicks in, maybe I am simply just tired. My United app, where I collect my miles, tells me it’s 65 flights this year. Plus numerous train rides I have in fact travelled a lot. For sure it has not only been for business, but the most part of it accounts to work-related travel.

Last business trip of the year

Now that I’m sitting on the plane to beautiful Vienna I am thinking about how this is going to continue in 2018. I love my work, and after three other employers so far, I can really imagine staying here for a while. This is the first time I feel that way because I get bored easily when I don’t have the chance to try out different things, learn something new now and again. The one thing that is really exhausting are not the over-hours, but the traveling. When you do it like I have to, which means being on the road almost every week of the year, you eventually start missing your home and a place to stay permanently. When Daniel and I moved in some people wondered why we rent such a big apartment because we are both traveling and hardly see that place, except for the weekends. To be completely honest with you, all you need after a stressful week, sitting in a random hotel room, is a place that truly feels like home. And our imagination of a home is not something that fits into two rooms entirely.

Today I will spend the day in Vienna (or somewhere in the outskirts, to be precise) and don’t have much time to miss my place (and my man), because I’ll be returning tonight already.

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