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Communication with the Viebrock site manager: annoying

We are still in the middle of the construction phase, but there is a clearly noticeable caesura. Over the last two years, from the first contact to the conclusion of the contract to the building application, we were very well “looked after” – competent contact persons who are also available and who, in the case of absences, have set up an absentee note or telephone detour so that we could still get on with our concerns – but from the release of the building application and the associated transition to the care of the construction manager, there was hardly any communication. This is due to the fact that the construction manager has 40 construction sites in parallel and is simply hopelessly overloaded.

Radio silence with the Viebrock construction manager

To date, we do not have a schedule (at least the topping-out ceremony and the separately commissioned craftsmen have to be coordinated from our side), and any information we have had to date, we had to beg for, ask for dates over several weeks in some cases and call afterwards (prime example: quite important staking-out date) and even if we reach the site manager Mr. G. once, not everything can be clarified and the promised call-back remains absent. All in all: If this had been our very first experience with Viebrock, we would have left immediately.

What happens (to the house) when you dance on 40 construction sites at the same time: Nothing at all

At most, the information that he is in charge of around 40 (!) construction sites at the same time contributes to our minimal understanding and certainly a little pity for the person of the construction manager. You don’t have to be an arithmetician to work out that he can’t dance on eight construction sites at the same time every day in a 5-day week and that the weekly hour per new building is used up very quickly – and since we can also work out that the site manager doesn’t do his job exclusively from the home office, but will be driving a lot from construction site to construction site in the car, I wonder how many construction sites can realistically be looked after in a single week?

A highly questionable kind of Viebrock. And please don’t come on now about a shortage of skilled labor. The lead time per house is 1 to 1.5 years, so Viebrock would have enough time for possible new hires if the order situation is so good. The fact that this also does not lead to joy with the 39 other builders

current status “not even basement ready”

The initial euphoria “Ooh, it’s finally starting” therefore gave way relatively quickly to anger and incomprehension on our part. In the end, it is the result that counts to a large extent, i.e. a house built free of defects, but the way there has nothing whatsoever to do with Viebrock’s all-round worry-free turnkey promise, especially at this moment.

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