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Timeless children’s room furnishings are easy to maintain

General considerations for two little kids

Rooms should have plenty of storage space to stow toys in boxes or baskets. The baskets should be decorative and are welcome to stand on open shelves. Hiding everything then would somehow not be nursery-like and too “clean” for me personally.

The closets should integrate well into the room, here we are thinking about a built-in solution. Ideal would also be the option to simply close the doors to let larger chaos quickly disappear. I suspect bad things, even if they are twice as neat as I used to be. 😉

The rooms should be timeless and not “out” as a toddler’s room by difficult to change elements (e.g. wall patterns with children’s motifs), but should be equally suitable for a teenager.

Mini 1 (3 years)

This room we equip with a desk adjustable in height for children, it is already available. The standing height is already suitable for our three-year-old. We are still looking for a matching chair in the right size.

To get rid of the crib with the move, we are thinking about putting a big bed there (either 90×200 or 140×200 – maybe also as a pull-out solution, so that a parent or perspective friends can stay overnight with her.

Moodboard nursery 1

Mini 2 (1,5 years)

Moodboard nursery 2

Baby’s crib is convertible, he doesn’t need a big bed yet. However, we have in mind that the “pitch” of the bed should also be final and a bed the size of our daughter in the intended place also fit.

Also with him a desk and chair are necessary to have space for painting, crafting, etc.

For even more inspiration, check out my nursery mood boards on Pinterest!

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