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    Chinese New Year in Saigon

    Mein Schiff Southeast Asia cruise: Day 8 – Phu My/ Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam Today we have decided for the transfer to HCMC offered by the ship, since we have found on the one hand comparable prices in the net for cab transfers, on the other hand again a little expenditure would have…

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    See you later, Saigon

    Ho Chi Minh City Sông Sài Gòn is the original name of the Saigon river flowing through HCMC. Before already leaving the country again we were curios to see if HCMC’s port resembles Hamburg at least a bit. We quickly realized that the port area itself is not reachable by foot so we made the…

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    Exploring Ho Chi Minh City

    Today we had a look at the city zoo which was called Botanical Garden – all in all no different animals than in a regular European zoo and I often start to pity these poor animals when seeing them behind bars in their tiny habitat. This time, it’s no different and I start to wonder…