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    Let’s take a boat to Tonlé Sap and visit the Floating Village in Cambodia

    Today was all about the Floating Village. Our guide picked us up at 09:00 am sharp and with his tuk-tuk we passed a small, calm river, little villages with humble-looking houses, some of them destroyed with staircases being the only evidence of their mere existence. The road soon became an off-road adventure track, but the…

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    A tour to the temples of Angkor Wat

    Today we were woken up by the sunshine in our faces. Do you know this feeling that makes your nose tickle? Although it is early the breakfast takes long but I imagine they make it with love. It’s included in the room rate. At 8 in the morning we are on our way to the…

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    See you later, Saigon

    Ho Chi Minh City Sông Sài Gòn is the original name of the Saigon river flowing through HCMC. Before already leaving the country again we were curios to see if HCMC’s port resembles Hamburg at least a bit. We quickly realized that the port area itself is not reachable by foot so we made the…