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    Under the Red Sea – Diving and snorkeling on the shore of Sharm el Sheikh

    from Sharm el Sheikh Marina to somewhere on the Red Sea Staying at the Marriott hotel, as always, wasn’t that pleasant, unlike always. What providence that at least the diving school with their warm, friendly staff (especially Mohamed and Yesir, hope I spell the names right) made our diving and snorkeling trips a fantastic time.…

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    Security in Egypt

    writing on NP052 from SSH to CAI The security measures at the Egyptian airport Sharm el Sheikh are high even for domestic flights. Without passport and vehicle control we do not even get to the parking lot in front of the terminal building. Thereby, an official with mirror goes around the car and looks so…

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    A snapshot of Cairo in a day – the ultimate sightseeing guide

    writing on MS20 from CAI to SSH As we’re flying back, leaning against the more comfortable Egypt Air backrest (compared to Nile Air in the morning), I have the chance to recall the day. In a nutshell: It all went very well and we felt safe, despite the recent terrorist attacks. I consider it luck…

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  • Quad biking tour in Sharm-el-Sheikh
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    Quad biking tour in Sharm-el-Sheikh

    This year I had a very special advent calendar: each day Julia gave me one small hint to my gift each day. At Christmas Eve a whole story developed and I found out that we’d be going on a quad biking tour on the Sinai peninsula! Short, russian introduction and off we go on the…

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    How to arrive in Sharm el Sheikh – tipps to get from airport to hotel

    writing on ST7198 from HAM to SSH We have arrived in Sharm el Sheikh, having a wonderfully calm flight with Germania – although not being able to reserve seats at all and no possibility to check in online felt like a pain in the a** when you’re so used to it. When bargaining isn’t for you,…