Ullal Beach – cruise stopover in India

So we make our way to the beach, where we arrive at about 11 o’clock. Since the house of our cab driver is probably not far away, we agree with him that instead of waiting, he will pick us up again in two hours. At the point where he dropped us off, there are three small shacks selling bananas and packaged candy, and an ice cream vendor. Otherwise: nothing. We don’t even see a soul as we look up and down the beach.

Deserted beach – a dream come true

So we decide to walk a bit to find a shady spot under palm trees despite the approaching lunch time. A few hundred meters further we succeed, but we soon find ourselves in the company of a young Indian who sits down 30 centimeters next to us in the sand. Great idea of rest and seclusion thus. The sports magazine from the plane, which he asked for and which we handed over to him in the belief that we would never see it again, he gives back to us at some point. He was probably disappointed that cricket was not covered. We politely say goodbye and walk a few hundred meters further to be able to have a little while in peace after all.

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