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Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

approx. 12:50 o’clock (UAE +3h) ...oh well. After a short exploration of the ship, we find that of course no luggage has made it to the room. Instead we decided to go to Wild Wadi, a water park with countless slides. The weather was first so foggy that one would have had an insanely great view from the Burj Khalifa – unfortunately it clears up in the meantime and the sea of clouds dissolves.

So it is because of the advanced time just not Yas Waterworld, which we had actually targeted and ultimately also got the rental car.

Rental car approx. 27 Euro (Hertz), Wild Wadi 610 Dirham, approx. 150 Euro

Well. Altogether 610 Dirham (is unfortunately general price level, nevertheless I feel it as overpriced, approx. 150 euro) we pay for two persons and a locker.

The slides are quite challenging: From any leisure pool you are used to obligatory stair climbing in Germany. But you don’t have to do that for most of the slides – in Dubai you slide uphill! But sure, if you can ski and ice skate in the desert, why not?

But for the fastest slide you have to take a few steps: During the 15 min waiting time I have enough opportunity to enjoy the view despite the hazy view and also to think about what damage my elbows or other body parts might take in the few seconds of free fall and shooting on the slide… Once at the top, you don’t sit down and slide off on your own as soon as the light turns green. No, that wouldn’t be Dubai! The ground is pulled out from under my feet in the exceedingly spacy capsule I enter (*insert Ozil smiley here*). And then one falls. And if you have dutifully held the legs and arms crossed, you also arrive halfway unharmed at the bottom! Super slide 🙂

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