Singapore – Light show at the Gardens by the Bay

Mein Schiff Southeast Asia cruise: Day 1 – lay day until tomorrow

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We finally arrived. After two trouble-free flights from Berlin – with unfortunately extremely long waiting times, so never again Tegel – via Doha (Qatar) to Singapore although still somewhat flattened, since it is still plus eight hours time difference to Singapore, plus a night with about three hours – well, rather 30 minutes – sleep, tensions included. Nevertheless, we decide to leave the ship again this evening, after all entry formalities for the Mein Schiff are cleared, the first photo is over and the cabin is occupied.

Today we deliberately want to stretch our legs again and therefore do not get on at the MRT station (subway), which is about 500 meters away from the cruise terminal, but walk about half an hour relaxed to the Gardens by the Bay – nevertheless, Julia’s protest must not be missed. The Super Trees generating electricity thanks to their solar cells are a highlight of Singapore. On the only evening available to us here without time pressure – the ship neither departs nor do we have to go to the airport – this is our first choice, because in the darkness with full illumination the giant trees look simply even more spectacular, even against the backdrop of the nocturnal Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Singapore skyline.

Light show at the Gardens by the Bay: At 9:45 p.m., there is a light show, i.e. classical music in this case, where the trees show themselves in different colors to match the music, which we caught purely by chance. According to the announcement, the whole spectrum of illumination can be seen every evening at the same time and is very impressive.

Of course, there is much more to discover in the gardens, including two tropical houses (for which you have to pay admission, though), as well as a beautiful botanical landscape. Since we had just missed the last admission at 20:00 clock – all in all, the sights are open until 21:00 clock – we do without willy-nilly and take us for the departure day to take everything in daylight again more closely under the magnifying glass. Maybe we can then also walk in lofty heights over the curved bridge from tree to tree, who knows..

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