“Born“ Moms: Preparing for All Life’s Challenges

The phenomenon of “born” mothers

Do you know this as well or do you even feel addressed yourself? I’m not talking about helicopter or lawnmower parents (at least that’s what we‘re calling over-protective parents in German). I’m talking about mothers who are prepared for any – really any – situation. And make the whole thing look like child’s play. Like a matter of course.

I’m not talking about “Oh, I accidentally forgot my diapers in all the stress, can you give me one?”, but about “the weather forecast predicted bright sunshine, I packed rubber boots and mud pants”.

It’s the moms who always hand you a wet wipe when you (or your kid) desperately need one; or give you spare clothes for your kid when they wet themselves (coincidentally, in the right size, too); or always have freshly cut fruit and veggies for the kids ready to go as snacks on the table when you visit; or always have a little gift ready when you see each other after a birthday (or just because); or, or, or…

How can you always be prepared for everything? Whenever I say to myself, “Oh no, so much effort”, or “nothing will happen, I won’t pack another diaper”, of course something happens.

One thing is certain: I can still pack so much, especially for vacation – and when I look at our hotel room, I don’t know how I will ever get all this stuff into just three suitcases again – I will never be such a super-mom! And maybe I don’t want to be. But I admire it. And for me, a little bit of being without a plan does the trick, too. Finally, there are those things called supermarkets against my memory gaps where I will buy what I have not packed, but which we still need quite urgently..

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