Tailors in Hoi An

Tony the Tailor is one of the many tailors you can find in the unofficial sewer capital of Vietnam. Prices are European from-the-rack prices, but absolutely fair when you think that each piece you order is tailor made for you. And it just fits.

You should always take into account they need at least 24 hours, depending on how large your order is. But you will definitely not regret it when you go there on the day you arrive in Hoi An and pick up your new clothes shortly afterwards.

My boyfriend ordered two pants and two shirts, I had them make a coat for me. I was surprised that they were capable of copying the exact style I wanted from just three screenshots taken from a shop I favor in Germany. Stunning! For all orders we could of course choose the fabric and inner lining.

A day after they have measured us up we came back for the fitting and I was positively surprised when basically all of it was perfect. Only the sleeves of my coat needed to be a tad bit longer. We could pick everything up within 4 hours.

Be sure to have enough space left in your luggage though!

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