Non-exhaustive list of fine dining (and drinking) in Hamburg

Years of Media Management experience have brought me an extensive knowledge of some of the best options to lunch, dine and go out for drinks  in Hamburg.

The following are stylish, sometimes a bit more pricy, locations where I enjoyed being taken by good folks.


// 20up – fantastic seats by the window, overlooking Hamburg harbor and Elbe from the 20th floor

// Ahoi! – after extensive shopping in the city come to a halt here, better make a reservation for dinner on the weekend

// Bullerei – visit the Deli for lunch, the restaurant in the middle of vibrant “Schanze” opens for dinner

// Coast by East – great sushi in HafenCity

// Dacaio @ The George – go there for Tagliatelle in a Parmesan cheese wheel

// east – close to Reeperbahn, the interior reminds me of Barcelona’s Gaudí buildings

// Estancia – mainly for meat lovers

// Ono – surf & turf sushi style in my old neighborhood, a bit cozier than Henssler & Henssler

// Rach & Ritchy – strictly no Vegetarians: Rib racks also serve as decoration

// Tarantella – classy food next to Hamburg’s Casino

// Turmbar – the only place you feel dizzy before you’ve even had a drink – ideal for beer, wine and cocktails

// Tschebull – you gotta love the Austrian flair, be sure to try the pumpkin flame tart in fall

// Ufer – simple, but cozy place with a good selection of wine. A spot rarely known to tourists, best to visit in the summer.

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