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  • Six weeks of working in Japan, a review

    What I like and what makes it easy for me to come back What I miss or what I can’t really make friends with

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    Japanese Art of Relaxing – The Japanese way to chill: Ryokan & Onsen

    writing on JR Limited Express Chūō Line from Matsumoto to Tokyo Not alone for a change: My sister came all the way from Germany to Japan to visit me (although I guess she wouldn’t have wanted to visit me so much if I had worked in Novosibirsk…). Since I have to work except for Good…

  • Kyoto in a nutshell: The scent of spring during cherry blossom season

    Kyoto in a nutshell: The scent of spring during cherry blossom season

    writing on Hikari 528 Shinkansen, car 6, seat 10-A Two and a half days are just too short for the wonderful city of Kyoto, where cherry trees are in full bloom right now. Sakura – cherry blossom What I like most is that it smells like spring here thanks to the many cherry trees. It’s…

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    Shopping in Tokyo

    >> deutscher Artikel unten 8.4 km by foot through Ginza quarter – 8,4 km zu Fuß durch Ginza My first “real” day off is today, Saturday. Yes, it was a holiday on Thursday, but I used it to catch up on my sleep and that doesn’t count 🙂 The first impressions of Japan (which only…

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    Travel tips for Tokyo – where to get cash, paying contactless and Tokyo Metro first steps

    First impression of Tokyo, Travel Tips and things the Japanese do differently Today is the beginning of spring and the cherry blossom is about to bloom.Of course the vernal equinox day is an occasion for an official holiday for the Japanese. Although, it’s not the same as in Europe, because only the office workers are…

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    “That extra round is free of charge”

    LH2075 from HAM to MUC This seems to be the motto of my attempt to fly to Tokyo… Today is already the second time for me trying to do just that, and now right before touching down in Munich, strong winds hit the airplane from the side, making it unstable to land. So the captain…