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Living room furnishings in Scandi Industrial style

General considerations

The living area should separate a bit from the dining and cooking area. Hurdles are the orientation of the sofa with open end on the left (in the front view) and the French doors in the living room that go out to the terrace. The main access to the terrace should be through the sliding doors in the dining area anyway, but ideally we still want to get the windows open now and then for airing. A coffee table should provide space for drinks.


The connections for the TV and entertainment (Apple TV, soundbar, console) are centered on the left wall (facing outside). So you can also look at the TV from the dining area if desired. Therefore, the TV (70 inches) should be placed at a height where the couch is not in the way. The technical devices should be hidden if possible, as well as the cables. The remote controls should also not be lying around openly.

There shouldn’t be a lot of open storage space; it’s just too dust-prone for us. Cabinets/ dressers should be on legs so the robot vacuum can wipe and vacuum underneath.


An additional seating option in the form of a lounge chair would be ideal to be able to sit in the living room with visitors and create a communicative atmosphere – otherwise we always sit at the dining table with guests, because the couch comfortably seats only three adults. This should change as soon as we have more space in total!


For the wall design, we think accent panels are nice, but we’re not quite sure where to put them and what color will stand out from the oak look that we have throughout the house. It should not be too much tone in tone. It goes without saying that there has to be space for photos.

We will keep you informed about the result.

For more inspiration, check out my living room mood boards on Pinterest!

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