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House hallway furnishings without chaos, but suitable for children

General considerations

The hallway should welcome us with family pictures, but not reveal a chaos of jackets and shoes. Besides the pictures, at least one mirror on the wall would be beneficial to make sure the hairstyle is right before leaving the house ;).

Jackets and shoes for the kids should be easily accessible to them and don’t need to be neatly packed away, just out of sight (the Ikea shoe racks we currently have in the hallway are for shoes, jackets, bike helmets and more).

We’ll store bike helmets in the garage in the future, so we won’t need storage space for those. A coat rack should provide year-round storage for gloves, scarves, shawls, jackets and shoes (for four people). We do not want to hang or leave purses and keys in plain sight.


There should be room for the vacuum robot in the wardrobe niche towards the study. Since the station is sprawling and you also need to access the water tanks from above, a fold-up bench could work well.


For even more inspiration, check out my hallway mood board on Pinterest!

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