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Style in the children’s room: Scandinavian minimalist design

…and why the “high-gloss nursery” remains a myth

An episode on the subject of style in the nursery has remained in my memory during the purchase of my wedding dress – I was already clearly pregnant. The saleswoman told me about her son and her view of style. The eight-year-old was not allowed to have bedding with his favorite Paw Patrol dog Chase. As a convincing example, the saleswoman said that mom and dad slept much better in their plain bedding. At that time, just childless, I found that extreme. But when I see the creative dimensions it can take, if you don’t steer the children in one direction at times, it has become too colorful for me personally.

In my mind, during this somewhat different sales talk, I nevertheless formed a very positive image of an extremely stylish children’s room. Of course, because this woman obviously lived in a typical Hamburg old building apartment in stylish Eppendorf. There, it almost borders on a crime not to have minimalist chic furnishings and the children’s rooms all exude a touch of Nordic elegance.

Kids’ room style, ready to snap on Pinterest

Of course, in my mind, you can also randomly ring a front doorbell, behind which every time hides a catalog-ready nursery, ready to snap photos for Pinterest.

Dear parents, let’s face it: even for the average hip parent living in Winterhude, this only works until the kids develop a mind of their own (the grandparents already have it anyway)

In other words, no matter how hard we try to follow a uniform line – preferably only wooden toys and furnishings from relevant brands such as littlehipstar.com or kleinefabriek.com – we eventually fail due to external influences.

That is, after two years with child in a never used, but beautifully decorated nursery, you start to reconsider your willingness to compromise. And for everything else, it pays to communicate irrefutable principles early on. Especially to the grandparents. In our case, these are: no pink clothes, no plastic toys, no children’s heroes printed on anything – whether clothes or toys. At least that helps prevent the design super-GAU.

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