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New construction basics: Hiring a building expert

At this point we provide information on the subject of building experts. Background information: We are laymen in building a house, have never built before and are not familiar with the subject professionally at all. So we needed someone with expertise and have hired a building expert who looks at different phases of the construction after the proper execution.

How much does a building expert cost?

Finally, we would like to share with you our thoughts on why we believe that the approx. 3,000 Euros for our new building are well spent. Is a building surveyor worth his money, you may ask. For us, it’s a question of proportion. We are spending an almost seven-figure sum on our home, all told. We want to live happily in it for several decades, without a continuous building site or problems that are only discovered years later and that can be much more expensive than what the building expert is now costing. For example, we have already witnessed renovations in which water always ran between the bathtub and the tiles because of a missing seal. The damage was detected by the downstairs neighbor, where it began to drip from the ceiling lamp after months. The result was a complete renovation with several months of moving out, furniture removal etc. 

The building expert contributes to the fact that, for example, such defects, which are not recognizable for us laymen, are directly eliminated or confirms their non-existence. In this way, we will hopefully not experience any unpleasant surprises in a few years, save stress and displeasure through unpleasant disputes with the culprit and do not get even more wrinkles or gray hair. 😊

So for us a clear: Yes! The building surveyor is worth his money.

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