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Construction diary #05: In the beginning was a Porta-John

My cell phone rings. It doesn’t happen often (messenger messages are usually enough), so it’s all the more exciting that it’s an 04 area code from the landline. All right, I’ll answer it, I’m curious who’s calling me: our future neighbors! And that’s to tell us that the Porta-John delivery man is standing in front of the property right now, asking where he should drop off the Porta-John. Yes, what do I know? So I asked my neighbor that I don’t care and that he should just put it down at his discretion. Thanked her, said goodbye.

Twenty seconds later, my cell phone rings again. Mobile number. This can’t be a coincidence, and I pick it up in eager anticipation. “Where should I put the toilet?” now asks the delivery man directly. I explain to him again without silent mail that I’m not interested and that if he has any questions, he’s welcome to contact the site manager – after all, Viebrock will be able to manage that on his own – to be on the safe side, I send him his number in parallel by text message as we speak. After some superfluous back and forth, he offers me that he will take it again and bring it back next week, when he would actually have the tour to empty it. Once again I try to explain to the very eager supplier that even then I would have no answer for him, but if it was really a matter of the heart for him to get rid of the part, he could just put it down now. We end the conversation without such a right decision on his part – a day later I then learned from our neighbors that he was there again because his boss had probably expressed the same request.