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    The return to Hanoi

    Sapa – Hanoi Before we say goodbye to this absolutely stunning part of Vietnam we dare to get on the bikes, again. Starting at 09:30 am, this third tour of ours lasts 2 hours. Again, we have the opportunity to gain even new sights of the country, and see it from a different perspective. On…

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    Hill riding in the frontier land

    Sapa Considering we went to sleep at the top of a mountain, the night rest was very comforting. The absence of „industrial“ noise can be distracting, for us as Western Europeans, but especially for those Vietnamese metropolitans. There were no horns, no traffic noise, no people chatting, crying, arguing or else. In these moments you…

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    Frontier Land: A visit to Sapa and the highlands

    Hanoi – Sapa Our transfer to Sapa came with the hotel reservation. There are other options to get to this quite remote place close to the Chinese border, all of which take longer. We wanted to make the most of it and enjoy the next days to the fullest, so we are quite lucky to…