Hot air ballooning over the roofs of Hamburg

Hot air balloon ride over Hamburg, Germany

Hot air ballooning has been one of my dreams for a long time. I got this ride as a Christmas present and it was such a long wait since then! Finally today we got to go and we were really lucky with wind and weather. We even got to see this wonderful sunset. Just look at the pics below. It was just amazing to be up in the sky, without this noise that you might be familiar with when flying a plane. We didn’t feel cold on the ride, but it’s no surprise when you’re sharing the little space you have with eight other people you don’t know. Ideally you have at least one person to share your “compartment” with, this can get really odd otherwise – no chance not to touch each other, at all. The heat of the fire that was released from time to time when we needed to ascend a bit was plenty to keep everyone warm.

We were lucky to witness this amazing sunset, see the pictures below. It was magical!

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