Start the weekend right: B&B (breakfast & beer) in Düsseldorf

EW7060 from HAM to DUS

Being in the area for leisure, for a change, means having delicious breakfast to start the day right. With a super healthy and oh-so delicious Açai bowl at a corner deli called Birdie & Co. in Düsseldorf Pempelfort I feel fit to enjoy the weekend to its fullest. And guess what, this is for the boys, too! Daniel had a fruit smoothie and his obligatory coffee and he enjoyed it just like I enjoyed my lemonade. Well, ok, we ran into a mommy fitness group, but the cute little café with a stylish interior didn’t appear to me as a very girly place. They have a great selection of bread, and you know, Germany is known for the world’s largest selection of bread types. We folks like it for breakfast, lunch and especially for dinner and we call it “Butterbrot” – a kind of old-fashioned way to say “sandwich German style, better than all you have had before”. Daniel of course was in favor of one of the Butterbrot’s, topped with avocado. I can totally recommend this place, super-friendly staff as well! I’ll come back, that’s for sure.

Since we are in Düsseldorf, we will not leave before we also have a glass of the famous Alt beer. Well, it is a little early for that now when I am just indulging breakfast… But if you will ever visit Düsseldorf, this is where you should go (or what you should have): one of their many local beer breweries – my dad has told me – is Schumacher Alt. It is the oldest Alt in Düsseldorf, which is ironic because the beer type “Alt” literally translates into “old”. This being said, German beer always follows an old tradition and theirs dates back to the early 19th century. The pub and beer garden aren’t nearly as old though they are charming and remain quaint. I love these types of interior, reflecting the “good old days”. It makes me imagine how life for my grandparents probably looked like, which is a vivid and colorful proof of what I only know as black and white pictures in other ways. Oh well, enough of this memorabilia now.

One truth I still have to admit: To be honest I am no beer drinker at all, so I cheated on this one and had a wine. Forgive me 😉

//Breakfast: Birdie & Co. Deli

//Beer: Schumacher Alt (we went to the “Stammhaus”)

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