New Orleans flair in Miami

One of the coolest hidden gems in Miami is probably the New Orleans-style restaurant and bar “Lagniappe”. From the outside you wouldn’t expect such a beautiful, yet shabby place. There’s live music every night from 9:00 pm and we got there just in time to listen to it. Although the band plays inside by the bar where they sell wine by the bottle. Outside there’s a barbecue, but if you’re more laid-back and just want to sip on your wine and nibble on something you can always choose from a variety of charcuterie and cheese. Olives and bread come with it, too. 🙂 We had a great night out there and I loved the collection of all-different chairs, tables and decoration items like flower pots, standing and hanging everywhere. This place definitely qualifies for my favorites list!

Getting to know the neighborhood also like that they have small markets everywhere and everything happens outside thanks to the temperature. As I mentioned in my beach life post it is so great to escape oh-so-cold Europe and get a little warmth over here. Miami is a great, vibrant city full of life and I love to have the chance to come back here some time.

restaurant & bar: Lagniappe

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