Breakfast in an igloo by the Thames

BA972 from LHR to HAM

We decided to spend the Saturday in London. Since it is fairly irrelevant from where we work on Fridays plus we can always visit our offices around the globe, we had the chance to stay for the weekend.

I did a little research for a nice breakfast place in London and Google came up with a great spot called Coppa Club. They even have fancy (heated) igloos on their terrace in which you can sit and have a magnificent view on the Thames. Normally igloo reservations are full months in advance and I booked a place inside the restaurant instead. When we turned up at 9:00 am this morning and asked if we could swap it with an ingloo seating this was no problem at all and we even had it to ourselves!

After a little more research on pages like Visit London and the like I realized that the Lord Mayor’s Parade would take place that Saturday and the Tower Bridge would open in salute to a boats parade. What a coincidence!

We had a very extensive breakfast which had to cater for the day, as we were not planning on having some proper lunch. While we were eating Daniel and I spontaneously decided to visit the Tower – it was raining (surprise, surprise), and we were literally sitting right next to one of London’s most famous tourist attractions. Booking the tickets online is worth it because we saved 5 Pounds per person compared to ticket booth prices.

See and read more of the visit at the tower in my next blog entry.

// Breakfast by the Tower Bridge: Coppa Club

// Sightseeing Tickets: Tower of London


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