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Construction diary #08: Radio silence – construction is at a standstill

standstill, building a house with Viebrock

For almost two weeks, construction has been at a standstill, and we don’t know why. After a few silently ignored text messages during the week, there was at least a small sense of achievement today: I reached the site manager by phone. Well, that’s great. But he didn’t know anything new either and told me that the shell construction department doesn’t provide him with any information either, but is in the process of planning the winter construction sites.
I feel strangely reminded of the customer experience at Deutsche Bahn, which also finds year after year that either a) leaves are lying on the rails or b) overhead lines are frozen. Countermeasures or extensive advance planning? Not a thing.
Perhaps my own project management experience (Daniel unjustifiably refers to micro management) makes me too demanding. But if, like Viebrock, you boast of having several decades of experience in building houses, it shouldn’t be difficult to communicate a general timetable and not to find out at the end of November that the construction site has to be “winterized”.
We remain not amused.

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