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When the company invites you to go to Miami and take part in a conference you say yes. Even though it means an awful lot of travel. I was lucky because compared to some of my fellow participants I have had a short trip. Well, never mind the trip from HAM to LHR, continuing to MIA via ORD…

Travels from India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina or South Africa were surely equally as stressful and, in most cases, longer.

Desperately waiting for a visa and getting it just a few hours before travel is even more nerve-wrecking. This happened to a colleague of mine from India. I rarely have to face this issue with my German passport, ESTA is enough to enter the US, and folks in Europe are just used to traveling with no passport at all, just bring your national ID card in case anyone cares.

After endless hours of travel it was such a pleasure to arrive at Miami Beach EDITION and being taken care of. The staff is very friendly, took care of my luggage and even though I arrived before check-in time they already had my room ready for me. It all looks very clean and comforting, the bed was heavenly soft (although I travel a lot I always struggle to find a good night rest) and all the amenities in the room were small luxurious treats.

I love the interior design they have, it was stylish and modern, though had a charming mix between elegant and rustique. Be it copper flamingos or pineapples to keep strawers at the bars, they pay a lot of attention to detail. The rooms were equipped with stone and glass mixture in the bathroom, light oak for the bedroom and furniture. The wooden interior made it feel warm after all which in total makes a great mix of materials.

Food including breakfast could be ordered a la carte but was pricy, so were the cocktails by the pool. But at some point you just have to indulge and enjoy, and my working day instantly became less hard when I took my your laptop to the pool, sipped a cocktail and slowly forgot to worry about life in general and some of the more urgent problems in particular. I felt a lot of energy lying in the sun, light-headed and relaxed. The hotel even took care of supplying sun screen (standard service) which I deliberately „forgot“ to take because I wanted to have some space left in my luggage just in case I can make time to go outlet shopping.

The most peculiar but cool thing at Miami Beach EDITION hotel was the ice rink they had in the basement. Thanks to jet lag I didn’t try out the night club with the same name. For the ladies, renting skates was free of charge, gents would pay 30 bucks. We had a blast trying it and it felt weird to ice-skate while in sunny and hot Miami. 🙂

//hotel: Miami Beach EDITION

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